Eulogy to the Cosmos is a fun, quick read.  Despite the grandiose title (I'm kind of proud of it), you will NOT find the answers to all the questions the cosmos presents.  Rather you will find an amalgam of scientific fact and religious tenet superimposed.  I make conceptualizations between the two on many different levels.  

For example, in quantum physics it is proven science that subatomic particles can communicate with each other instantaneously over light years of space.  Additionally, it is proven science that subatomic particles of light will act differently when they are observed.  From these principles I make the 'leap of faith' that perhaps our consciousness has the innate ability to communicate with a Divine consciousness in a manner similar to quantum 'entanglements'.  Not so much like praying to God, but rather a means to learn about God's ways and attributes.   A conceptualized open channel of communication between one's Awareness and that of whatever conceptualized Divine entity you are comfortable believing in. 

I make no value judgements on any religious faiths., though I do question some tenets which some readers might find upsetting. I make the point that doubting one's faith is a good thing.  That doubt leads one to a path of certainty. And that certainty leads to stronger faith.

In a series of short vignettes, filled with analogy and parable I broach a wide array of topics.  From Life's awesomeness to an ant's sentience, to experiencing one's Awareness, to lessons learned from Star Trek, and much, much, more 

I pretty much can guarantee 'A Eulogy to the Cosmos' will tax your brain and open your mind to Awareness.

Regardless of your overall review of my Eulogy, I am confident I will at least open a door to your curiosity, though I truly hope you will find my musings interesting and enjoyable.  

And even on the outside probability you find my musings totally full of crap,, you can take solace knowing that 50% of all net proceeds will be donated to charity, including World Central Kitchen, and Drs. Without Borders....either way, the cup is at least half full!  Positivity wins again!

So not much to lose, and much to gain. I hope you will give me a read.  It would be much appreciated. 

With love and kind regards. 

HL Sawyer


HL Sawyer

Hello and welcome to my author site.  My name is Hugo Lux Sawyer.  I'm pretty much just a regular guy with no outstanding credentials upon wish to stroke my ego or add credence to my book.  My career path in life has been very simple...to pursue happiness.   

At age 22, I had a near death experience while canoeing (It's in the book).  It changed my life.  From that moment forward I pretty much decided my destiny was to go where life decided to take me.  Not that I didn't have a say in the matter.  Destiny is after all, a two-street.  

Aside from death, there is no manifest destiny.   Everything else is a matter of attitude, circumstance and probabilities.  I have always maintained a positive attitude regardless of the life circumstances presented me.  Positive attitudes increase the probabilities of positive outcomes. ...regardless of circumstances.  That's my mantra in a nutshell.

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I very much appreciate your interest in my book. Please feel free to contact me with your comments, questions or concerns.